This is given with all treatments based on individual’s personal needs. Should you require nutritional advice only you will complete a 15-page questionnaire to establish your requirements. I prefer to use diet as a treatment in the first place but some supplementation may be necessary.

The initial appointment takes one hour at a cost of £60.00. It includes diet, information to the condition you are looking to improve, relevant hand-outs and recipes. Subsequent appointments if necessary are half an hour at a cost of £30.00. Any supplementation suggested will be at an extra cost. There will be a Covid sterilisation fee of £5.00.

What happens at the clinic:

You will be sent a 15 page questionnaire to fill that we will go over together during the session. I can look at all aspects of the body through observation of the person, urine testing and blood pressure readings. Together we may decide to carry out clinical tests and/or develop a programme to rectify and improve your health: root causative problems will be our special focus for these sessions. Clinical tests can be arranged if necessary.

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