I am able to carry out or arrange for you to have the following tests:

  • Urine Multistix GP test – Inclusive in the Naturopathy/Nutrition consultation where required.
  • Blood Pressure – Inclusive in the Naturopathy/Nutrition consultation where required.

Hair Mineral Analysis

A Comprehensive Test which establishes mineral balance in the body and if any toxic metals are present in the cells. This is a Trace Elements test that I have been working with it since 1990. The laboratory only assess hair but it gives an accurate picture of what has been taking place in the body three months before prior to the sampling date. £80.00

Allergy Tests

My personal slant on this is that if you are allergic to food then the digestive tract is not functioning properly and I need to know why. However, it is useful to avoid foods that upset you during the healing process so you will be advised on your diet according to your requirements. We will then proceed to look at why your digestive tract is not working properly and if necessary will carry out tests.

Complete Digestive System Analysis

Gut Permeability

H. Pylori Breath Test

This is more accurate than a blood test as it reveals if you have the fluke and whether it is active or not – the test provides this information.

I am able to support conditions that range from IBS to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from my clinic based in Oxfordshire, on the borders of Warwickshire, Northamptonshire & Buckinghamshire, UK and I have treated clients from all over the UK.

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